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The concept dated back since 1960s in Japan and today, it has become an essential marketing tool for many Japanese companies. It is also classified as a guerilla marketing because the recipients reads the messages printed on the tissue without realizing it whenever they use the tissue.Today, around 4 million Pocket Ads are distributed in Japan alone and this phenomenon has quickly spread to the US, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia where it helps businesses generate billion of sales

Tissue packaging is a simple yet effective, very powerful and high impact marketing tool. How effective?


1. Simply put, print your message on the tissue packaging
2. Together we distribute it to your target market
3. Then sit back and watch your business grow

Not convinced? click the pictures below to
see how each pocket ads and wet tissue work

Tissue Marketing Applications

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Concept Development

We work hard hand in hand with our client to seek for the best solution to meet their specific needs

Creative Design

We design to deliver our client's messages for their end users in a creative and engaging fashion


We produce high quality premium products


We could distribute the pocket ads or wet tissues to a specific target market for an effective and targeted distribution strategy


We assess the performance of our products in terms of how it has helped our clients grow their business